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PICTURES  (still under construction)

Now you can shut off the vent incase to much sewer smell goes outside.

Unclogging this sewer line might go into overtime but for some do it yourselfers they use what they have.

The plumbing pipes in this basement look about normal for a older home DIY but whats amazing is that the person doing the work used pvc glue instead of CPVC glue, well its holding so far!

Just another grandfathered in plumbing job with updated duck tape.

Most kitchen sinks require one p-trap sometimes you may see two but since this homeowner was concerned that sewer gas causes cancer so he added one extra just to be safe.

This is Dave Johnson one of our friends who invented the round headed screw driver. jk He is a good guy tho.

Poeple aways seem to find fault about us plumbers trying to make a living but now i finally have proof we an't the only ones that make mistakes.

This is me (mark) always in the hole unplugging someones sewer line.

This is one expensive leak and of course it happened on a fancy drop in jetted tub with beautiful tile from some expensive country.

Our machines digging a hole trying to find oil a easier way. jk

Here is Brandon working making sure the bio filters are perfectly set

One of our vans going past a bigger snake machine then what we own.

Another trench done with bio filters installed.

Here is brandon holding a toilet snake at job in a basement which we had to cut the concrete and hand dig 4 feet down to fix a broken sewer pipe and of course it was 4" cast iron (one of the toughest pipes to cut with no room)

Here is a over head shot of the concrete hole we dug which is 4 feet deep and look I think I see mud down there :)

Manholes should be only used for waste water because who feels like changing a meter like this? Well i guess we do. If you look close at the pvc 90 its a drain long turn 90 lol
Look! the red and blue water lines are right!
Sometimes when we install yard hydrants the owners like them horizontal but its a pain to turn  off and on when they do that.
This isn't nothing about our jobs but the main pipe is running in the center of the road looks like to me they are installing a sprinkler system under the road to make sure the wheat grows better but what do i know im just a plumber!