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Service plumbing questions/answers

  1. Down in the basement of older home I smell sewer gas what could be the problem?

    Sometimes shower traps or floor drain traps go dry if not used for a long time if you pour water back in the drain and put a couple teaspoons of vegi oil it should fix the problem.

  2. Why won't my main shutoff to my home not shut off all the way?

    In most cases that  problem is notoriously known for gate valves rather then ball valves because when their installed the price for gate valves are cheaper and the design is poor since debris can fill the bottom of the gate causing the gate not to seal all the way. We always recommend using ball valves which for the price difference pays off in the long run.

  3. Why wont my tub or shower drain faster?

    Most shower or tub drains from what i have fixed over the years is because they are plugged with two things, they are soap scum and hair. Most of the plugs are right at the beginning of the drain like for a tub the plug would be at the strainer or drain T before the trap and for the shower the plug would be right underneath its strainer.

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Questions about plumbing pricing

  1. Would i save money if i pick up a faucet and have you install it?

    yes and no depending on the circumstances and the location but most home buyer suppliers (menards/homedepot etc) have cheaper faucets because they have less quality parts for that faucet which since we will NOT warranty anything we do not supply and WILL warranty all our supplies we install limited. Please contact us for more info.

  2. I'm building a new home and could you give me a quick plumbing quote?

    We would be glad to but unfortunately there is so many variables in the cost of things now days, its impossible to quote just going off a fixture meaning sink or toilet etc. So if you can please give us a call with as much infomation as possible and we will give you a plumbing quote asap.  

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